Casio CTK-3400SK Keyboard


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Designed specifically for schools and education, Casio are bringing you the new CTK-3400SK Keyboard. It is crafted with students and teachers in mind, eliminating distracting and unnecessary features of other standard keyboards. This leaves you with all the necessary components wrapped up in a colour coded, simple and accessible layout. I have had a chance to try out this great little keyboard and will be describing it in more detail.

One of the most important features when learning to play is touch sensitivity of a keyboard. The new Casio CTK-3400 provides you with a great response to best reflect whatever piece of music you are playing. I was also pleasantly surprised with the natural and pure piano sound of this instrument, which I am usually particularly picky about. Maximum polyphony of 48 eliminates the possibility of muted notes.

200 Built-in Tones and 126 Accompaniment Rhythms

Other useful features include:
• Reverb – 1 to 10/Off
• Metronome – 0, 2 to 6 Beats per Measure
• Tempo Range – 30 to 255
• Built-In Songs – 10 (Demo)
• One Touch presets – 126
• Real-time recording, playback
• Memory capacity approximately 2000 notes
• Transpose +/- 1 octave
• MIDI – 16 multi timbre received GM Level 1 standard
• USB Type B Connectivity
• Sustain Jack Connectivity
• Headphone port
• 6 AA battery power, adaptor sold separately – AD-E95100L
• Speakers 10cm x 2
• Dimensions 94.6 x 30.7 x 9.2cm
• Weight 3.5 kg

In conclusion, the new Casio CTK-3400SK is the perfect student instrument and has everything you need to start learning. Casio have done a great job capturing the necessary features a pupil would need and eliminating all the distractions for ease of teaching/learning process. Sticking to the basics also offers you a great price if you are on a set budget, while you still receive all the vital components with your instrument to learn freely.

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