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    PIRASTRO Chromcor violin strings made in German

    current price: $69.90

    BRAND NEW Chromcor Strings
    Full Size(Set)
    Made in German

    PIRASTRO Chromcor violin strings made in German

    BRAND NEW Chromcor Strings
    Full Size(Set)
    Made in German


    This package includes:

    Pirastro Chromcor Violin String Set 4/4 Ball End

    Chromcor Violin Strings
    -Chromcor strings have a single filament steel core wound with chrome steel.
    -Clear and very brilliant sound, warmer than Piranito
    -Big tonal volume
    -Suitable for all musicians, esp. for fiddler searching for clear and brilliant sound.
    -Very easy response
    -Chromcor strings are wound with chrome steel and are therefore long-lasting. Chrome steel cannot corrode and is not affected by hand perspiration.
    -Suitable also for electric or electrically-amplyfied violins

    Pirastro Chromcor strings are designed to perform uniformly and evenly throughout the entire playing register, and are correctly gauged for superior performance. Chromcor strings are among the best of steel strings in the Pirastro family. Made with premium quality chromium winding and steel core, these strings produce very fast response and bright tone.

    E-chrome steel;
    A-, D- and G- wound with chrome steel

    A Eudoxa-Chromcor – warmer sound


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