PIRASTRO OBLIGATO Violin Strings Single String


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PIRASTRO OBLIGATO Violin Strings , Ball End, Medium

E string – Steel, Ball $35

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This Auction for single string, you can choose different postage for different single string(if you need pick up , just choose pick up)

PIRASTRO OBLIGATO Violin Strings , Ball End, Medium

E string – Steel, Ball $35

(out of stock now)Gold Chrome E string – Gold Chrome Steel, Ball $45(choose postage $14 for Gold E string $35+$14=$49 equal as $45+$4=$49)

A string – Synthetic, Aluminum $45(choose postage $14 for A string $35+$14=$49 equal as $45+$4=$49)

D string – Synthetic, Sterling Silver $52(choose postage $21 for D string $52+$4=$56 equal as $35+$21=$56)

G string – Synthetic, Sterling Silver $60(choose postage $29 for G string $60+$4=$64 equal as $35+$29=$64)

Features: OBLIGATO full size string set for violin. Core made from new synthetic fiber, available in a variety of guagings with loop or ball end options. Warm, rich, sonorous tone quality, very rich with overtones. Impressive volume, very dynamic response and great playability. This series features excellent uniformity across all strings and a pliable feel under the fingers. It is resistant to changes in temperature and humidity.

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