Progressive Piano Method BK/CD/DVD Pack(Book1,Book2 and Book 3 all available)


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Progressive Piano Method For Young Beginners – Book 1

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We also have book 2 and book3
Progressive Piano Method For Young Beginners – Book 1

Book with CD and DVD

The Progressive Piano Method For Young Beginners is part of an easy introduction to playing the Piano, laid out in a carefully graded, lesson-by-lesson method. This first volume begins with the very basics, including how to sit correctly and finding your first notes at the keyboard. Students then carefully progress through a collection of delightful melodies as new notes are introduced, building through familiar tunes to simple two-handed pieces.

Designed to teach all the basics of reading music to someone who has had no musical experience, the steady paced method is full of entertainment! With a tune for each lesson, there are plenty of interesting and absorbing melodies inside as well as the exercises and techniques.

The accompanying CD/DVD contains examples one for each of the lessons allowing you to hear how all the tunes should be played.

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