Talent Acoustic Guitar(Made by Gibson)(TE-150na)


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Talent Acoustic Guitar (Made by Gibson) (Te-150na)

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Talent Acoustic Guitar (Made by Gibson) (Te-150na)

Normally RRP: $219.00

Natural Colour

fantastic painting

very nice guitar

rock tone

nice finish

great action

Spruce top
Basswood body
Araucaria neck with Truss Rod inside
Rosewood fingerboard
3 layers ABS body binding
ABS neck binding

Every Gibson Talent Guitar has its unique serial No. can check by Service.china@gibson.com

Brand preview:
For our product Gibson Talent guitar is licensed by Gibson which can be check on the website www.gibson.cn. The Relationship between Gibson and Talent is like Fender and Fender Squier.Talent is a brand under Gibson–like Epiphone under Gibson.

Comes with the cardboard box .

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